Here we are almost a month into the Summer Term - and what a busy one. We have Fanfare for Spring to look forward to this weekend,  completed our ISTD freestyle and rock n roll medals last Saturday. And a very successful competition in Portsmouth the weekend before.

Classes are buzzing with activity at the moment and everyone is working hard and showing such enthusiasm, it's so rewarding for us teachers.

And a big thank you to our formation team Adrenaline for their lovely suprise for Stacey and Sally - presenting us with  'thank you'  gifts and cards. We had no idea, but is was a very touching moment for us both, and so appreciated.

The teachers are now studying, learning and preparing all the new work that is coming along - and my how fast things change in the dance world - so we will be all ready for the new season.  Yes teachers don't often stop - even during the holidays!  We must love it - well dance isn't so much a job - it's more a lifestyle!

  May 16, 2017, 10:47 am

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